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3 Layers Matcha Mousse With Red Bean Cheesecake

It has been a lot warmer lately so I feel like making a mousse cake to stay cool in this weather.
For the base, I used green tea sponge cake but you can also use digestive biscuit instead for a less hassle option.
Ingredients (7' tin):
Green tea sponge cake (recipe here)
Cheesecake part:
200g cream cheese, room temperature30 cup sugar ( Not adding much sugar because I used ready made red bean paste)8g Vege-gel (or gelatine)
30g milk
40g cold water
200g red bean paste (If you think store bought red bean paste is too sweet, go ahead and make your own! I mixed 1 cup of store bought and 1 cup of homemade unsweetened red bean paste)100ml cup whipping cream Cream the cream cheese & sugar until light.Premix the vege-gel with cold water, microwave it until the vege-gel dissolves. add it to the cheese mixture and blend well.Whip the whipping cream until soft peaks. add into the cheese mixture and mix until well combined.stir in red bean filling and mix until wellPlace the sponge cake on the bot…

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