Lemon Cheesecake

This will be my last cake before I go on a 5 weeks holiday. I will keep on updating about food in Hong Kong but I don't think I will have chance to make my own one. I am gonna miss my kitchen:(

one piece of sponge cake - recipe
one piece of french base
300g soft cheese
300ml whipping cream
150g yoghurt
150ml condensed milk
144ml water+30g gelatin
90g sugar
18ml lime juice
18ml lemon juice

1. Beat cheese and sugar with electric mixer until fluffy.
2. Mix yoghurt, condensed milk, lime and lemon juice together, stir into cheese mixture. Add in gelatin solution.
3. Whip cream unil stiff, fold it into (2) gently.
4. Put French base in the ring then sponge cake, pour cheese mixture over the cake base.
5. Chill for at least 4 hours, unmould and slice to serve.


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