Sago dessert with Taro/Wu Tao Sai Mai Lo/芋頭西米露

Sai Mai Lo is a sweet chinese dessert made with tapioca and milk or coconut milk. There are a few different kind of “Sai Mai Lo'”; honeydew, taro, mango,watermelon, etc. I was given some fresh taro by someone so i decided to make taro one.

1/4cup Sago

400ml Coconut Milk
1/4cup Brown Rock Sugar


boil the water, then stir in the tapioca pearls. Boil them for a couple of minutes before lowering the heat to let it simmer. Stir occasionally and when the pearls are almost completely transparent, with still a bit of white in the middle, Drain in a sieve and run it under some cold water to avoid sticking.

2. Next stage is to prep the taro. boil water, add the taro, boil for a few minutes and let it simmer for about 7 min. When it is easily pierced, smash 1/3 of the taro.
3. Add the sago to the taro, then stir in the sugar and coconut milk.
4. Stir until all the sugar has melted, you can add some milk if you thick it's too thick.

5. Serve it either hot or cold.


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