5 Ways to wrap a dumpling

Who doesn't like dumplings?! Dumpling is one of my favorite Chinese food, it is so easy to make and can be stored in the freezer for awhile. I can eat 20 dumplings myself in one go. There are many variations of dumplings like: pork, chicken, beef, veg etc anything you can think of! I can never get bored of them! In the video I am going to show you 5 different ways to wrap a dumpling. The Chinese supermarket I went to didn't have my usual dumpling skin so I bought a different one, and they were so dry so it was really hard to wrap. :(

#1 Potsticker

This is the classic shape of dumpling and my usual method to wrap dumplings. It is ideal for pan fried.

#2 Mandu

Mandu(meaning Dumpling), is a Korean style of dumpling that I learned to make from a blog many years ago.

#3 Simple two-folds dumpling

This style is good for people who want to be lazy but still want their dumplings to look nice :P

#4 Triangular dumpling

Easiest way to wrap a dumpling, great for either frying or steaming.

#5 Wonton

This style is often used in making wonton, just simply fold your dumpling and give a twist  to your triangle, great for boiling.


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