Menagerie Restaurant & Bar, Manchester Review

It has been awhile since I have updated this blog but I gotta let people know how bad this newly(ish) opened restaurant is.
The waitress was very unwelcoming and gave us attitude while we were ordering our food. Well that was a great start right, definitely not what we were expecting from a fancy restaurant. We ordered 4 starters to share between us - 2 X pan fried scallops, crab donuts and deep fried mac n cheese. The scallops were small and ruined by overloaded coriander, crab donuts were dry af and deep fried Mac n cheese was bland.
I had crab spaghetti for main and again, plenty of coriander but still couldn't cover that horrible fishy taste. We couldn't trust the dessert after those horrible starters and mains so we decided to just order one matcha crepe to share, it was the same waitress again she said 'you know matcha is green tea right?' Do you think we are stupid or something????? And we were right, the crepe wasn't even crepe, it was some soggy pancake that tasted like it has gone off, one of my friend felt sick eating it. We complaint to the manager all he said was oh yeah it doesn't look right then walked off with the dessert, didn't even come back to us and explain what was wrong with the dessert nor apologise. I am gutted I didn't take a picture of that piece of shit!!
The only turned over for the night was they had pole performance which the staffs didn't even know about it.

Ambience ★ (Only for the dancer!)


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