Podium Restaurant, Hilton Manchester

My boyfriend took me to the hilton hotel podium restaurant to celebrate my 20th birthday, the setting was very pleasant, good ambience. I has scollop for starter, pan fried sea bass for main and panna cotta for dessert.  

I can’t express much of my taste bud as much, everything seem to be nicely cooked apart from my pan fried fish, I had a little bit of the fish skin, it was very fish, and it was not crispy enough as it supposed to be.

The desserts were to die for, nothing really fancy and it was rather classic desserts. The quality was amazing, very smooth vanilla panna cotta served with raspberry and biscuit. The only down side was the raspberry sauce on top was a bit too much.

Over all, everything was good nor the service and it was a bit pricey, paid £80 at the end when we didn't even order any wine.

Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate
Manchester. M3 4LQ
0870 770 0805


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