Creme Brulee

275ml Double Cream
25ml milk
1 Vanilla Pod/ or a dash of Vanilla Essence
3 Eggs
40g caster sugar

Makes 4
1. Gently heat the milk and cream in a thick bottomed sauce pan. Split the vanilla pod down the long axis with a sharp knife then use the back of the knife to remove the seeds. Place the seeds in the cream and milk,  heat until just boiling (be careful not to allow it to boil over).
2. Pass the hot cream through a fine sieve to remove the vanilla pod bark this step can be skipped if you used vanilla essence instead.
3. Add the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk together.  Then slowly add the hot cream while continuously whisking (adding the hot liquid too quickly will cause the egg to scramble).
4.Pour the egg and cream combination into ceramic ramekins and place in a deep oven tray.  Place the oven tray in a 150C oven and fill with hot water until it reaches half way up the ramekins. Cook for 25 to 30 minuets or until mostly set. When you wobble the tray only a small amount of movement in the middle of the Brule should be visible.  The brule will continue to set as they cool.
5. To Finish, t
op each cup with 1 tsp. white sugar. Using a hand-held butane kitchen torch, caramelize the sugar (in other words, blast with fire ’til browned). Enjoy!


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