Sakura cherry blossom cheesecake

I believe that "you eat with your eyes first" so i always aim to make pretty looking (of course delicious too lol) desserts and cakes. I had some pickled cherry blossom  that my sister sent me from Hong Kong. 

  the cherry blossoms are pickled in salt so you'll hv to rinse and soak them prior to use. If you don’t rinse it properly, you will end up with salty cherry broth. 

I only used about 1 Tbsp of Sakura since it was there for a subtle touch of flavor, I also used ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese this time, but the texture wasn't as good as the cake made with cream cheese.

a piece of sponge cake for base - recipe 
Ricotta cheese 200g

Whippingcream 200 ml

Gelatine 1 tbspWater 10gMilk 40g
1Tbsp pickled cherry blossom
Sugar 20 g
pink food colouring 1/4 tsp 

1. Rinse the pickled cherry blossom and  soak them in cold water for 3 hours, drain and pat dry.

2. Dissolve the gelatine with water; boil the milk with the cherry blossom. set aside
3. Cream the cheese with sugar. Beat well
4. Pour milk into cheese mixture
5. Add the gelatin water and mix well
6. Whipped the cream until stiff7. Fold-in the whipped cream, pour into the cake tin & chill for 4 hours


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