Baked Sweet Potato Cheesecake 焗蕃薯芝士蛋糕

… is it already time to say goodbye? I assume this is going to be the last post of 2011. Not sure I’m ready for 2012, I didn’t get to bake all of my favorite pastry this year. Looking back at all that 2011 will therefore be a lot of fun.


sweet potato mash 120g
whipping cream 30g
soft cheese 300g
sugar 60g
egg 1
corn flour 25g
milk 125g


1. Cream the cheese with sugar. Beat well
2. Add sweet potato mash in, beat in egg yolks until smooth.

3. fold in sifted corn flour
4. Fold-in the whipped cream and milk, pour into the cake tin & bake for 40 mins in 180C

2011 has been tremendously kind to me, unfolding events in the most unexpected way and I have nothing but fervent gratitude for it. Met loads of new faces, learnt loads of stuffs, uncovered new layers of myself that I never even knew existed.

Gained some, lost some but honestly, I didn't want to/couldn't recall them bit by bit, unlike the years before.

I just have this general idea of what transpired this year and to get down to the nitty gritty bits, I'll need my photographs. Also probably because I'm trying to live in the moment, and as of this moment, I am happy. Tomorrow will be an exciting and pretty special day and oh yes, Life on the fast lane has been awesome thus far.. schweet.

Wish everyone a wonderful and happy new year:)


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