Come live in my heart and pay no rent

Fat pig bought me this to accompany me because he was very busy this period..

And this is me o_o

SIGH.. Being a glutton really jeopardizes the whole losing weight issue sometimes most of the time.

So! I woke up early today for boxing day sale shopping with the girls<3 Selfridges was like empty by the time we got there and arndale was packed! seriously, rich people annoy me lol didn't get to buy much since there were too many people. we decided to go back mine for some mahjong XD
then some punishment for the people who lost in mahjong...

Me and Carol.. LOL we can't even recognise ourselves

It was a day of laughter, talking, dancing and just good fun, that was long over due.
It felt so good to spend time catching up with friends, which I consider to be family. As we get older and our lives get busier, we spend less time together. It is going to be the last christmas we are going to spend together i reckon since most of us will be going back to their hometown next year.

wanted to look like a rocker xD think this is my first time ever i wear like this/


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