Chocolate and Pandan Lamington - sponge cake covered in chocolate and coconut

YAYYYYY today is last day of uni before Easter! I can finally treat myself to some cakes!I had never made them before and didn't use any recipe,  but how hard could it be? It's just small squares of yellow cake coated in chocolate frosting and rolled in coconut:P Here a recipe I came up with my own.


a piece of 6" square sponge cake ( you can either bake it or 
buy those are available in supermarket)

For chocolate coating:
150g of dark chocolate
150g of milk

For pandan coating:
150g of white chocolate
150g of milk
1 tbsp of pandan essence

For coating:
desiccated coconut

Pandan essence


Trim crusts off cooled cake. Cut into squares.
Place coconut on a plate next to the square cakes

Melt all the chocolate ingredient together and 
Use two forks, dip each square of cake into warm icing. Let excess icing drip off. 

Then put the icing-covered cake in the coconut, roll cake in 
coconut to cover it on all sides.

Same again for pandan flavour

dip and roll

After all cakes are iced, put them in a cool place until icing hardens.


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