French toast 法式西多士

French toast is one of those things I never ever used a recipe, had it all the time in cha chaan teng when i was little.

2 pieces of white bread (better use one day old bread)
peanut butter
condensed milk
1 egg
1/2 tbs of milk (optional)
Golden syrup


1. I like my french toast thicker so I used doorstep one:)

2. take two pieces of bread, fill up the bread with peanut butter and condensed milk

3. beat the egg (add 1/2tbs milk if you want)

4.  soak the bread in your earlier mixture of egg and milk. This is the reason why you have to use day old bread cos if the bread is fresh and soft, bread should be soaked through but not soggy
5. deep fried it. (
The real way of making Hong Kong French Toast is to deep fry the whole bread in oil, but I just can't imagine myself doing it. I could feel my body growing 2 inches everywhere just thinking about it. So, I opted for "hopefully in my mind" a healthier option - just pan fry with a small amount of oil :P.)

it is ready! serve with butter and golden syrup!


  1. I read your blog daily, I love your simple straight forward style and the fantastic pictures. I was inspired by your blog a lot. Thank you so much for sharing. C.J.

  2. This was super yummy with the peanut butter ! Thanks !


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