A Big Disappointment - Patisserie Valerie, Manchester Deansgate

I thought this patisserie would be serving the sort of cakes you get in the best Belgian or French patisseries but no. I've been trying PV's pastries twice and have been consistently disappointed, I had four different types of pastry, all of them were doughy, bread-like and rather lacking in flavour. The chocolate mousse tasted of nothing other than cheap cream with a dusting of cocoa powder throughout, with a very basic cake base and a factory-formed profiterole on top. Tiramisu tasted nothing like tiramisu, it's just two layer of sponge cakes filled with chocolate mouss; Lemon tart was too sour, the pastry was not as crisp as it should be and the Mille-Feuille was hard as hell, guess the puff pastry has been a few days. I can tell all the cake were not freshly made and a bit pricey for what they were.

Rate: 0/10
Don't waste your money or time


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