Mango Crepe Cake

Got some super sweet honey mangos from Smithfield Market and am in mood to making something. My love for crepes allows me to tend toward thinking I might really like this. There's no getting around the fact that all these delicate crepes take time to cook and layer up.


125ml milk
125ml water
120g flour
15g butter
1tbsp sugar
1 egg
1/4tsp salt
3 honey mango
whipping cream

1. Place egg and sugar in a mixing bowl.
2. Whisk until smooth, Gradually beat in the milk
3. Add sifted flour
4. Add salt
5. Gradually beat in water
6. Add butter. Beat until the batter is smooth and elastic
7. Heat non-stick frying pan.
8. Fry crepe one by one until you used by all the batter, allow them to cool
9. Spread whipping cream on crepe, put mango on then another piece of crepe
10. Repeat the same step until all crepes are used
11. Chill for 2 hours, slice to serve


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