Dutch Food Experience

Finally sorted out my pictures taken in Netherlands. I have to say, Netherlands is one of the nicest city I've visited because of the friendly and helpful people. The Dutch people are simply loveable! When people think about The Netherlands they usually think about legal drugs and bikes. But let me introduce you to something else that is typical Dutch: Dutch food! 

Dutch people usually eat fries with mayonnaise, curry sauce and onions on top of it, this is called friet speciaal.there is a popular and tasty chips shop named Manneken Pis (boy peeing-who knows), nothing special with the chips but the sauce was really nice.

Walking down the streets of Amsterdam or any major cities in the Netherlands, it is very difficult to miss FEBO. It is a very famous fast food chain in Holland. It offers cheap snacks from a wall lined with coin operated machines. Snacks sold are typical Dutch food like croquettes(veal or beef), satay croquettes(whatever that is), frikandellen(sausage), bitterballen(dutch meatball), kaassouffle(deep fried cheese pastry) and typical burgers. Do try Febo for a taste of authentic Dutch snacks! 
Pick a food, slot in the money, open the metal "boxes" and get your food
Stroopwafel, a typical snacks from Holland, it is a waffle-type biscuit made from two thin layers of baked batter with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. There are different favours and size.
Hardly can you not be amazed when walking through the dairy product section in a Dutch supermarket. the wide varieties and fat assortments here in the Netherlands can surely be stunning. Being a dairy lover, shopping in the Dutch supermarket is almost a visit to heaven. Milk, yogurt and vla. and of course don't forget about cheese.Holland is renowned for its excellent cheese.  With the various cheeses that are produced, you will also get the opportunity to sample the unique flavours at some supermarkets and cheese shops.
One of the must try in Holland is their famous Herrings which is regarded as their "national snack". It's basically raw fish serve with raw onions and pickles.
Everyone drinks beer in Netherlands, it has become a customary drink. Heineken is one of the worlds most popular brands of beer. Holland is where Heineken brewed. Heineken Brouwij is on the outer part of city centre of Amsterdam where you get to know the history, the brewing history and brewing process. It's €15 for entrance fee and you get 3 glasses of Heineken.

The last stop of the experience was at their gift shop where I bought some souvenirs and made my beer glass with my customer words on it!


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