50% off at Pertutti, Manchester

Visited this place with my boyfriend yesterday, we were going to go last saturday but it's been fully booked.  it's only about 10 minutes walk from city gate which is opposite hilton in deansgate. 

First glance, ambiance is great…. white and black makes a good contrast. They mainly do pizza in this restaurant but I decided to go for pasta. I ordered chicken arrabiata whichi was strips of chicken in a spicy ‘per tutti’ tomato sauce  with penne pasta, parmesan and basil, presentation is simply nice, perhaps for a dinner the portion might seem small. The pasta seems it's not fully cooked yet, flavour is not bad tho, a bit of spicy kick to the sour tomato sauce.

Of course, i have ended my meal with desserts. I always look at the dessert menu before my mains.  Nothing really fancy and it was rather classic desserts. We ordered chocolate fondue pudding with ice cream and panna cotta with raspberry.  I personally think the quality of dessert was amazing as Manchester don't have much good dessert places, very smooth vanilla panna cotta served with raspberry, the chocolate fondue pudding was a bit undercooked but it still tasted very nice.

Overall, i like this place and i would want to return and try other dishes on the menu! this place certainly is a great restaurant to dine in, i am grateful that i have dine here for our anniversary dinner.

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3-11 liverpool road manchester m3 4nw 


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