Shelly's Restaurant, Warrnington

I went back to warrington to see a friend, I wanted to have afternoon tea and this is the only place where I can have afternoon tea in Warrington. we went there at 1ish and got told they don't do afternoon tea until 3 so we ordered something else.

It's a small homely restaurant, it was decorated beautifully.

 My first Chai Tea…  presentation wise very pretty in a lovely white tea set. The tea smell great! 

Food wise, the menu was limited and quite similar to others, I ordered lunch special which has half of a sandwich and soup. Tasted nothing special and a bit flavourless. It was a lady who served us, I know she was trying to be friendly but I think she's over talkative. Overall, lovely atmosphere, tea is not bad, food ok. might return for their afternoon tea. 
Shelly's Restaurant
8 Bold Street, Warrington Town CentreWA1 1DREngland


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