Popolo, Sheffield

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, whether you're spending it with a love one, your family or your friends, I hope you all have an amazing day filled with love and laughter:) Instead of getting me flower, my boyfriend got me 3 kg of gummy bears lol since I don't like flowers or chocolate. I made him a charlotte cake as present, I was supposed to give him a knitted scarf but I couldn't finish it on time:P
It's a really bad day for me cause I had a really bad flu:( we went to Popolo in Leopold Square, Sheffield.
The restaurant is upstairs, with the bar area downstairs. The restaurant food is a mixture between different classic European dish, with some English staples thrown in. There are some good reviews about this restaurant but I think the food is just 'ok'
he ordered carpaccio di manzo which is basically raw meet
and I had the soup of the day, it was a bit too sour and I couldn't finish it all. 
I don't eat raw food at all, but I tried a tiny bit of the beef, literally TINY bit haha
Main course I had was seafood risotto, I wanted to cry when the dish came! I hate mussels and oysters! but there were LOADS in it:( if might be better if I didn't order the wrong food.
I also had grilled garlic courgettes, it was so bad! they were all burnt and all I can tasted was bitter:/
I think dessert is as important as main course, a good dessert can complete the whole dinner. The coffee and alcohol taste of this tiramisu were too strong! my dinner wasn't completed because of this:(
I ordered latte freddo for drink, I think this might be the only thing I appreciated with. I am not often too critical of price, especially if the quality of food/service is decent - but overall it seemed not too reasonable.

Leopold Square, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2JJ
01142 758405


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