valentine's day special - heart inside a cupcake

Valentine's day is soon, make something special for your beloved one:)

Black forest cupcake with a heart baked inside and chocolate buttercream icing

Ingredients(make 8)

for the heart:
unsalted butter 50g
sugar 40g
eggs 1
plain flour 50g
baking powder 1/2 tsp
few drops of food colouring

for the cake:

unsalted butter 100g
sugar 85g
eggs 2
plain flour 100g
baking powder 1 tsp

chocolate cream cheese frosting:

cream cheese 200g
butter 40g
sugar 40g
cocoa powder 20g
melted unsweeten chocolate 30g

other topping:
whipping cream
shattered chocolate

1. Beat the butter and suage until thick and pale. Add one egg after another and beat well after each addition. Sieve in the cake flour and baking power, stir well.
2. Pour batter into a non-stick baking tin. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 20 minutes. Leave it to cool.
3. Once the sheet cake is cool, loosen the edges away from the pan with a knife and then invert the pan onto a cutting board. Use a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out two dozen cake hearts that are small enough to fit into an average-sized cupcake pan.

4. In another large bowl, do the same as method one using ingredients for the cake
5. Spoon two tablespoons of batter into paper-lined cupcake tins, so they’re about half-full. Put one heart into each tin and press it point down into the batter. Keep all the hearts facing forward in the pan. Cover with another teaspoon of batter and bake for 20 minutes. Allow the cupcakes to cool completely before frosting.
6. Whisk the cream cheese, butter, sugar and green tea powder until stiff and smooth.

7. Fill a pipping bag fitted with a large open-star tip with frosting. Pipe frosting onto each cupcake in a spiral pattern.
8. Pipe cream on top of the frosting, put some shattered chocolate on and finish with a cherry.

Remember, while frosting, keep track of which direction the heart in the cupcake is facing, so when people bite into it they see a pretty heart.


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