Oriental Cold Spaghetti凉拌意大利面

China gets very hot and humid in the summer. To combat the heat, a number of dishes meant to be eaten cold have been developed. One of the main cold summer dishes is cold noodles. I tried it with Spaghetti, this is like a fusion dish.

A. Spaghetti
B. Cucumber, White sesame, Coriander
C. soysauce, chilli oil, sesame oil, salt


1.Fill a large pot, preferably a dutch oven, with water and bring to boil. Cook spaghetti according to package directions until al dente. Meanwhile, finely chop ingredients B
2. Drain, rinse noodles with cold water, and set aside.
3. Pour noodle into a large bowl, mix with ingredients C
4. Serve cold

om nom nom


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