Simply Hot Chocolate Recipe 熱朱古力奶

Hot chocolate barely needs a recipe. It’s just a combination of hot milk, chocolate and/or sugar. But the ratios and variations are endless. Just be sure to use the highest quality chocolate powder if you can, and don't combine it with water, chocolate powder + water is just nasty!


cocoa powder 1 tbsp
280ml whole milk
some sugar (depends on how sweet you want)
few pieces of marshmallows


1. Heat milk in a pot over low heat until hot but not boil
2. Add the cocoa powder and sugar into a mug, pour some hot milk in to the mug. Stir well until dissolved. Add in some marshmallows.
3. When the milk is steaming hot, take away from heat. Pour into a jug carefully. Use a milk frother to foam up the milk.
4. Pour milk into the mug. Stick marshmallows on a skewer, stir and enjoy!


- lean the jug over at an angle, that makes more air goes into the milk, the milk will foam up quicker
- Some cocoa powder may contain a small amount of sugar


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