Earl Grey Cheesecake

Finally watched x-men x) it was good as always.
Janice and Nico came over to Manchester for chinese party,we decided to cook rather than going out to eat. Me and nico were the chef x) and I also made an earl grey cheesecake for dessert. headed over to Eric's for pre-drinks at 9ish then we all went to revolution together. I felt like sleeping whilst in the club cause I only had few hours slept:( was good to catch up with them two tho:)


Earl grey mirror glaze (top layer)
Gelatine 6g
water 30g
sugar 20g
milk 60g
earl grey tea bag 1

Earl grey chessecake (second later)
water 120g
earl grey tea bag 4
soft cheese 200g
sugar 40g
whipping cream130
gelatine 8g
water 40g
a piece of chocolate sponge cake for the base
sponge cake recipe here
1. Place the chocolate sponge cake into the cake tin.2. Sock tea bag in hot water for 10 mins; Cream the cheese with sugar. Beat well
3 Dissolve the gelatine with water

4. Pour tea into cheese mixture
5.Whipped the cream until stiff

6. Fold-in the whipped cream

7. Add the gelatine water 

8. pour into the cake tinchill for at least 2 hour
9. warm the milk then soak tea bag in. add the gelatin water
10. Pour it on top of the cake & chill over night.
11. Put on any decoration you want then you are done!


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