Strawberries Bavarois巴巴露亞食譜

Strawberry Bavarois for dad's birthday and father's day:)went tai wu to celebrate with family.
two pieces of sponge cake
Sugar 68g
egg yolk 60g
milk 188gg
elatin leaf 6g
brandy 170g
whipping cream 170g

1. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water 
2. whisk the yolks and sugar until pale and creamy
3. In a small pot,  bring to the boil then turn off heat, pour half of the milk to (2), stir well then pour the rest of the milk in it. Set aside 4. Melt gelatine leaf with brandy, and stir until dissolved, then add to the hot milk (3)
5. Whip the cream until soft peaks form, gently fold in to (4) until you have a smooth mousse.

To combine
place a piece of sponge cake to the bottom, fill with strawberry, pour in the custard mousse, then another piece of sponge cake. top with meringue/whipping cream and any of your favourite fruit.

蛋黃  60g
牛奶  188g
魚膠片 6g
冧酒  20g
淡忌廉 170g

1. 砂糖及蛋黃攪拌,將加溫至快沸騰的 1/2 牛奶倒入並攪拌2. 將 (1) 倒入餘下的牛奶鍋內加熱,以木匙攪拌,煮至濃稠便可
3. 預備一個鋼盤,底下隔一盤冰水,以濾網將 (2) 過篩到鋼盤,待冷卻4. 冧酒混和魚膠粉,隔水加熱後倒入 (3) 中
5. 淡忌廉打發好後,把一半份量的 (4) 加入,攪勻後再把剩下的加入再拌勻

A. 係模底放一片海綿蛋糕B. 將士多啤梨切半,然後排列於模邊,平切面緊貼模邊,蛋糕中心平均舖滿士多啤梨
C. 倒入巴巴露亞於模內,在係面放上另一片海綿蛋糕



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  2. haha~~~ i just realized!! thank your blog!


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